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How do you make non-alcoholic beer?

At Surreal Brewing we think differently. We don’t stop the yeast from creating delicious esters or boil out the alcohol. We care deeply about our customers. We’ve developed a patent pending innovative brewing process that allows all of the great all-natural, non-GMO beer ingredients to shine.

What’s the best temperature to drink Surreal Beer?

No need to drink it ice cold. We take the time to brew genuine true-to-craft beers that follow the craft beer rules. They are best consumed at cellar temperature, between 55° – 65° F where the flavors continue to open up from your first to your last sip.

Why am I finding sediment in my beer?

In styles like our Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA our beer is an unfiltered product. Some sediment of protein and yeast is common for all unfiltered or coarsely filtered beers. Gently pouring our brews will leave any particles that may have fallen out of suspension behind in the can.
Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some retailers haven’t been effectively rotating out older inventory, which tends to exaggerate this point. So please be sure to check the canned on date on the label to make sure your beer is fresh and to maximize the intended experience.

Do you have gluten reduced styles?

Yes! We have 2 gluten reduced styles: Chandelier Red IPA and Natural Bridges Kolsch. They contain less than 20 PPM gluten and are tested using the R5- Gliadin ELISA assay. Please note that the actual gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain some gluten.

Do you have keto friendly styles?

Yes! Our Natural Bridges Kolsch Style has 2.8g of carbs, Chandelier Red IPA has 5.6g of carbs and our Juicy Mavs has 4.9g of carbs.

Do you have zero sugar styles?

Yes! 5 of our 7 styles have zero sugar: Chandelier Red IPA, 17 Mile Porter, Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA, Natural Bridges Kolsch Style, and Creatives IPA

Where can I find the freshness date?

Look for the CANNED On date on our labels. Generally speaking, please enjoy within 3 months for Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA, Creatives IPA, and Milkshake IPA and 6 month for Chandelier Red IPA, 17 Mile Porter, Natural Bridges Kolsch, and Pastry Porter.