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Dare to be Different

We Dare to Be Different by brewing innovative, delicious, health forward non-alcoholic beverages that chip away the stigma associated with drinking NA.  With the healthiest line up of beers made in the world, we have something for everyone.
The Surreal Tribe Dares to Be Different in so many ways.  They are creatives, adventurers, athletes, champions of the causes they believe in, they code our world, pen jams, use their voice for social good, and envision the next best thing. Here are just a few of their stories.

“My goal in life is to be part of something beyond myself, to be able to effect change for the betterment of our future.”- Leslie


Leslie served as a medic in the National Guard for 15 years in Afghanistan and the United States.


Why do you like to drink Surreal?
The first time I had non-alcoholic beer was while I was deployed in Afghanistan. Being in the military is not easy for anyone, alcohol is very much part of our culture. Since then, I’ve drastically cut down on my alcohol intake. However, I’m still a social person. I like to drink non-alcoholic beer to be part of the group (happy hour anyone?). Surreal is delicious! My favorite is the Hazy IPA at the moment. It’s fun to surprise my friends with the taste test to see if they can tell the difference.


What do you feel passionate about/ do to stay fit?
I like to spend time with my dog, Photon. I hike, go to the park, and take traveling adventures (pre-covid times). I like to dance (with and without Photon), attend performing arts shows, go to the beach, and find waterfalls.


Causes I Care About: I stay involved with my community, I’m an activist on many equality issues, including Black Lives Matter. 

Well, I’ve always been different and I live my life this way. “Skiing 130 days a year is different than working on Wall Street! Why live life without passion? My goal is to do a 100 mile trek/backpack internationally every year. Greenland definitely dared me to be different with a 130 mile coastal hike!” - Larry



Why do you like to drink Surreal?
I enjoy the taste of beer, but don’t enjoy the heavy calories. Surreal makes me feel at ease when backpacking, trekking, and skiing. I want to have a clear head while pursuing dangerous passions.

What do you do for fun and/or fitness?
Ski, mountain bike, backpack, hike, run, kayak, raft amongst a bunch of other activities. My fitness is based off of having fun and not just going to a gym. I ski everyday all winter long, that’s my training!

What does Dare to Be Different mean to you?
Well, I’ve always been different and I live my life this way.  Skiing 130 days a year is different than working on Wall Street!  Why live life without passion?  My goal is to do a 100 mile trek/backpack internationally every year.  Greenland definitely dared me to be different with a 130 mile coastal hike!

Causes I Care About:
I work closely with Teton County Search and Rescue by using my ski shop to host robust fundraising campaigns and I also work with Coombs Outdoors to give underprivileged young adults work opportunities in the ski industry.  I also volunteer at our local homeless shelter.
I support equality for all and access to Surreal!
Life long goal is to work for the Make a Wish Foundation!  I’ve traveled to over 60 countries and try my best to be an ambassador everywhere I go. 

“Making one small healthy change in one’s lifestyle can have long-lasting benefits.”- Aleksandra


Aleksandra is a professional athlete on the women’s AVP Beach Volleyball Team. An MBA holder, she focuses on Women’s Issues and promoting health and wellness.

Why do you like to drink Surreal Beer?
I love drinking Surreal Beer because it is good for me! Not only is it low in calories and has no added sugar, but it’s also made from all-natural ingredients that help me recover better after playing beach volleyball and after training. Surreal provides electrolytes for fluid balance, and polyphenols which are anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which makes it a great post-activity drink!

What does Dare to Be Different mean to you?
It means not being afraid to get out of your comfort zone and go after what you want most.

What do you do for fun and/or to stay in shape?
Apart from playing beach volleyball professionally, I love hiking, doing yoga (during the pandemic I finally learned how to do a headstand!!), and spinning! Cooking at home helps me to stay healthy.

Causes I Care About
There are a few. One of them is Women’s empowerment. During my studies, I completed a few Women in Leadership courses where I learned that women represent a marginalized and often victimized population. I am a firm believer that women are capable of so much more if they are only given a chance. I also care about educating others, especially youth about the holistic approach to life, known as wellness. My goal is to inspire others and show that making just small changes in one ‘s lifestyle can have long-lasting benefits.

“A little tip of advice I'd give to anyone who is trying to be more active is: get involved with like minded others. It keeps you pushing yourself toward growth you wouldn’t achieve alone; and no matter what, stay true to yourself even when that is as different and unique as you are!”- Adam


Adam is an ultra runner, OCR competitive athlete, Ninja Warrior and coach to kids at a ninja gym teaching them to go after their goals.


Why do you like to drink Surreal?
As an athlete, non alcoholic beer allows me to still enjoy some beer after an exercise without feeling a bit guilty about it! Surreal Beers are super light and beyond tasty! I’m a huge fan of the hoppy flavor and surreal brewing nailed it with their IPA collection!


What do you do for fun and/or or fitness?
I’m always trying lots of different activities but my main priority is running, more especially trail, mountain and ultra running! I also absolutely enjoy rock climbing, it’s that sweet spot of mental and physical challenge! Other sports are obstacle course racing, cycling, swimming, ninja warrior, roller skating!


What does Dare to Be Different mean to you?
Dare to be Different is actually something I feel like should be my life slogan! To me it means to be yourself freely, to go beyond what you think your limits are and not prioritizing what others think about you as long you’re having fun and living life to the fullest! This is coming from a dude that runs with short shorts and Hawaiian crop tops!


Causes I Care About
I’ve been working at a ninja gym coaching little kids to achieve their ultimate goals and am starting a running group that also collects trash off the trails! I fully support in equality. I think everyone should be looked at as equal to one another. No skin color, no gender, and no sexuality to divide or determine ones capability.

“Passion and gratitude are two of my favorite words that I live by! If you live life with passion, it makes everything more exciting. And if you have gratitude in your heart, you can't help but focus on the positive.”- Emilee


Emilee spends most of her time outdoors doing any and every outdoor sport available. Always on the move, she is always ready to rally for the community.

Why do you like to drink Surreal?
I enjoy drinking beer while on adventures but many of my adventures can be dangerous and I need to keep a clear mind. Surreal allows me to enjoy a drink while staying safe.

What do you do for fun and/or or fitness?
Staying fit is important to my lifestyle. I am an avid mountain biker, kayaker, rafter, skier, and backpacker. When I’m not staying active in nature, I focus on lifting weights in order to maintain the strength to play as hard as I do.

What does Dare to Be Different mean to you?
I used to let being different hold me back but as I have gotten older I learned that I am the most happy when I’m being myself. I have grown to love who I am and I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve had. I had children at a young age, and am now a grandmother at a young age. I definitely stand out as being different when I’m the only grandma keeping up with the 20-something year olds!

Causes I care about.
I value a strong community and am mindful of how I can be a positive influence to those around me. I have had many opportunities to give back by hosting fundraising events, political rallies, and sporting events that bring people together.

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