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Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer for everyone. Anytime

Enjoy Craft Beer without Compromising your Health Goals

2-7X fewer calories than other NAs

Starting at 17 Calories/Can

0g Sugar options

2 Gluten Reduced Styles

Low Carbs

All Natural Non-GMO Ingredients

Try all 4 of our delicious non-alcoholic IPA’s in one revolutionary pack!


IPA pack large

IPA Variety 24 Pack $51.96
Includes Chandelier Red IPA, Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA, Creatives West Coast Style IPA, and our Milkshake IPA.
*Please note that the Milkshake IPA contains lactose. Please let us know if you want to order the IPA mix without the Milkshake IPA.

We Dare to Be Different by brewing innovative, delicious, health forward non-alcoholic beverages for everyone and every occasion.

Cheers to all of the makers, creators, positive change agents, all who think differently, live outside of the box, and are with us on this non-alcoholic adventure. You Dare to Be Different & we raise a glass to you!.

The Many Occasions of Non-Alcoholic Beer

Surreal Beers are Perfect For

# 5 The Office

Beer for Brainstorming, Conversation, Break time, Taco Tuesday, Recharging

# 12 The Workout

Recovery Beverage, Electrolytes, B Vitamins, Anti-Inflammatory, Rehydrate

# 67 Creating

Creators, Makers, Visionaries, Writers, Artists, Doodlers, Fixers, Coders

#145 Adventure

Hiking, Camping, Climbing, Kayaking, Flying, Skiing, Anywhere the Road Takes You

Let us take care of your order for you so you can focus on your next adventure. Sign up to have Surreal Beer conveniently delivered right to your door each month.


“Surreal’s Hazy is refreshingly accurate: by the nose alone, you’d be fooled into thinking this was the latest offering from the likes of Other Half, Trillium or any other of the country’s hyped producers.”

Gear Patrol

“It's a non-alcoholic beer, but it surely doesn't taste like a non-alcoholic beer. In fact, it tastes a whole heck of a lot better than a lot of super-sugary soda-like alcoholic beers on the market.”

Men’s Health Magazine

"This is the first NA beer I have had that is absolutely delicious. I think we can all agree this is what the world needs right now. Cheers to healthier, happier, more active days ahead!"


"I have had both IPAs and the Pastry Porter. All are delicious and satisfying. The part that really sets them apart for me is the low calorie/low carb. Especially as a Type 1 diabetic I can speak to them not affecting my blood sugar (whereas other NA beers like O douls somehow make me spike even when covering with insulin."


"I ordered this beer for my husband. Arrived super quickly and in very good condition. Tastes amazing! Very happy."


"Oh My Gosh! I was a huge IPA consumer, but wanted a healthier lifestyle. I tried many "na" brews and was always unimpressed. I decided to buy Surreal Juicy Mavs and the Red IPA. It looked and smelled exactly right and the taste --- WOW. Blown away. Seriously blown away. If I didn't know it was a "na" I'd think it was another craft brew. SURREAL is the real deal. I'd love this on TAP!"


"Super impressed with your NA brews! Love em and I’ve tried them all, thanks for stocking up the local Whole Foods here in Santa Cruz! Keep doing what your doing!"


"This is the best non-alcoholic beer out there! Craft all the way! A true IPA. It's hop forward with a nice caramel malt finish."


"Wow! This is really smooth, almost creamy, and has a lot fuller flavor than other beers I've tried. I wouldn't have guessed that it's non-alcoholic."


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